Fiction: Bedside (219 words)

20 May

River had finally fallen asleep.  Even still, David and Jack decided to keep a constant vigil at her bedside, making sure that one of them was always there, because they didn’t want her to wake up and find that no one was there next to her. They couldn’t do that to her, not now, and hopefully not ever. They wanted her to make sure that she felt loved, she felt complete, and she felt protected.  Especially considering they both blamed themselves for dropping the ball earlier.  They both thought, though they never said it aloud, that they were solely responsible for River’s kidnapping and torture, for the pain that she was in now. And because of that, they would make sure not to let her suffer any more than she had to. Not now, not here, not ever.

So, it was a lot waiting, a lot of being very quiet when she was awake, a lot of dark rooms and light meals and being very, very careful when all things considered. They weren’t sure if River was even aware enough to realize what was going on, but they didn’t really care if the she knew or not, they just wanted her to be as happy and as comfortable as she could be, if being happy and comfortable was even possible.

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