Fiction: Good Morning (433 words)

05 May

I was exhausted.  I didn’t even twitch as he turned on the light, or pulled the blanket off me and tickled the bottom of my foot.  “Okay, I admire your dedication to this whole staying asleep thing,” he laughed, shaking my shoulder, “But you are going to make us both late for work and that simply will not do.”

“I hate mornings,” I groaned more into the pillow than to him, “I hate mornings and I think we’d be all together better off as a society if we just went ahead and got rid of them completely.”

“I’m sure you’re right, dear.”  He replied from somewhere near the dresser.  He wasn’t listening to me anymore.  He always got touchy when he thought we were going to be late.  He didn’t realize my outfit was already hanging in my closet.  I only had to put it on and brush out my hair.  I’d still be ready to go before he was.  But, as revenge for the feet tickling, I was going to let him stew in it a little bit longer.  I propped myself up a little to watch him get ready.  We’d only been married a couple of months, so this was still kind of novel to me.  I was tempted to cat call, but I was pretty sure that would only earn m a dirty look and a grumpy husband, so I just smiled.  He was mine.  I loved him and he loved me and we’d promised to spend the rest of our lives together, and even though in this day and age that could be an empty promise, we were going to give our best shot.  And that was a great feeling.

I smiled a little wider, even as he turned around to give me a little bit of a stink eye. “I’m going to leave when I have to, whether you are in the car or not.”

“Yeah okay,” I groaned, pulling myself out of bed and heading towards the walk in closet that served more like a mini library with a corner for my dresses that had to be hung up, and today the outfit I’d already picked out.

When I reemerged moments later, before he’d even finished deciding which tie he wanted to have on, I made a ta-da gesture with my hands.  “I hate you a little,” he teased, making eye contact with me in the mirror.

“As long as it’s only a little.” I kissed him on the cheek and skipped into the bathroom with all the mock energy of the morning person I was not.

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