Fiction: Interruptions (381 words)

25 Apr

Henry approached carefully.  He was hoping that Charlotte would finish her conversation with the other girl there quickly, but–that didn’t seem to be the case.  He was going to have to interrupt her, and even though he hated himself for second of it, he took another little half step towards her and said, “Hey, Charlotte?”

Her friend rounded on him, fury on her face. “Look buddy, back off.  I’m sure you’re really broken up over Miss Bobbi’s death, but I never saw you around while she was sick, so you don’t get to pester her daughter at her funeral.”

“Ashleigh,” Charlotte sighed, tears in her voice, “It’s–”

“Don’t you dare say okay, Lot, because it’s not.  This guy can wait.” Ashleigh continued to glare him down, but Charlotte pulled herself up out of the chair and came to stand level with her friend.

“Ash. This is one of my brothers. Henry, right?”

Henry nodded, and Ashleigh’s mouth dropped open.  She turned to Charlotte, and as if he wasn’t standing there, “I thought you said the abandoning bastards weren’t coming?”

Charlotte gave Henry an apologetic look over Ashleigh’s shoulder.  He just shrugged. After all, Martin and he had probably said worse about her with less prompting.   “I said I didn’t know if they would be here or not.  Uncle Charlie called them.  And she is their mother too, so, please, don’t offend them at her funeral.  She wouldn’t forgive you for that.”

“You’re right.  I’m apologize. For you and Miss Bobbi.”  But when Ashleigh turned to look at Henry again, he could see that just because she wasn’t saying it aloud anymore didn’t mean she wasn’t thinking it loud and clear.

“Uncle Charlie sent me to look for you.  There is a clause for the three of us in the will, which supposedly relates to what she wants done with her ashes, and the executor wants to get things squared away with us as early as he can.”

“Right.”  Charlotte offered him her best smile, and she looked so much like their mother from when Henry was younger, “I’ll be out there soon.  Just, give me another moment to compose myself.”

“Of course.” and then Henry turned and as good as ran from the back room.  Awkward had never been his strong suit.

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