Fiction: The View (273 words)

23 Apr

I didn’t even bother to look back to see if Benjy was following me.  In fact, I knew that he wasn’t.  He would stand in the alcove for a moment longer, trying to convince himself that he was an adult and this was below his maturity level.  But then he would stomp his foot, stoop down, and follow me quickly.  He’d catch up with me in the straight away.  He always caught up with me in the straight away.

“I’m too big for this nonsense,” Benjy muttered, echoing down the hall.  I couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re exactly the same size as the last time we did this.  Actually, maybe smaller since I think you’ve lost weight since becoming a professor.”  I reminded him kindly.

“Then I was too big for this nonsense last time we did it too,” Benjy grumbled stubbornly.  But he kept crawling and following.  Then we crawled out of the little window and all discussion of whether or not we should be doing this ceased immediately.

It was beautiful.  The view from up here, out on a ledge, seven stories up on one of the oldest buildings on campus.  It looked down on the valley of the main campus, and the stars in the sky were mirrored by the scattered lights in the buildings of the valley.

I took a second to take in the view before carefully side stepping so that Benjy could join me out on the ledge.  After a moment of silence, Benjy dropped his arm over my shoulder and grinned.  “I am so glad you came home.  I’ve missed you.”

“It’s good to be home.”

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