Fiction: Holding the Baby (349 words)

11 Apr

Yvette liked to sit on my lap and look down at little David’s face.  I suppose I couldn’t blame her. Yvette had never spent much time around babies, and she’d never had a baby brother before, so she was completely fascinated by the little boy.

“Oh, Vettie,” Queen Natalie sighed as she came into the room, “Leave Lady Amy alone for once.  It’s heavy holding the both of you.”

“She’s alright,” I laughed as Yvette slid down my leg to great her mother, “She’s very still when she watches the baby.” We were all very careful not to refer to David as Yvette or James’ brother.  Even though almost everyone knew it was true—it just wasn’t something we said aloud.

“Still,” Queen Natalie smiled as she rested a hand on her daughter’s shoulder, “Princess Yvette is starting to become a proper young lady these days and she should stop crawling into Ladies’ laps, regardless.”

“Yes, Mother,” Princess Yvette dipped into a perfect curtsy, before giving me a mocking little wink. She was barely six and she was already a sarcastic little thing.

“You’re incorrigible,” Queen Natalie sighed, squeezing Yvette’s shoulder playfully. She crossed over to me and smiled down at the cooing four-month old in my arms.  “And, Lady Amy, how is our little David doing today?”

As if trying to answer her himself, David smiled and babbled loudly.   I smiled ever wider at my son’s happy little squeal.  “He’s the best baby ever, excluding of course the Prince and Princess, Your Grace.”

“Well, of course,” Queen Natalie dismissed jokingly, “He is a happy little boy, isn’t he?”

“He’s made me very happy,” I replied.  The queen now rested her hand on my shoulder, a gently smile rising all the way to her eyes.

“I’m glad to hear it.  Don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to make your life happier.”

I smiled back, as if there was anything more that she could do, as if she hadn’t already made me one of the happiest women in the world. “Of course, Your Grace.”

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