Fiction: Rose Marie (254 words)

27 Mar

Even from the other side of the field I could hear her louder than everyone else, using that voice that she reserves for only two people in the world. I watch as she laughs and squirms herself free from her father’s grip and runs to me with her wobbling steps, making me worry each time that she’s going to fall flat on her face.
As soon as she’s close enough I scooped her up in my arms and my world narrows to just her. She’s got my husband’s hair, black and thick and easily blown in the wind, and my mother’s green eyes that crinkle in the corners as she smiles, even so young.
She laughs at me as she waits for my answer to the question she just asked me, but I hadn’t been listening. I told her to ask her father, but apparently he had told her to ask me. I told her it was fine, and she slipped free of my grasp, running back to him who held his arms out wide and spun her around as he lifted her up.
He winked at me and blew me a kiss before walking away. She waved at me over his shoulder, laughing and squirming a little as he tickled her feet.
Slowly the rest of the world started to filter back in, and I remembered that I had responsibilities to attend to. But I allowed myself just a couple of moments longer to watch my angel laugh as she was carried away.

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