Fiction: New Book (202 words)

24 Mar

“Annie! I swear to god, if you buy one more book I am putting them out on the street and letting nature take their toll on them.” Marie pushed her way inside the house with a box in her arms.

“What are you going on about?” Annie asked, sticking her head out of her room.

“You are not allowed to get any more books online. At all. Period. End of story.”

“I haven’t bought a book online in months.”

“Oh, well, then, you’ve got a package.” Marie tossed the UPS box and Annie caught it happily. Packages were always fun, especially when they were surprises. She cut the tape open with a key, and pulled out a book with a sheet of folded paper taped to the front. She pulled the paper off and opened it up.


This is the test print of my second short novel. I wanted an expert reader’s opinion before it went to full print. I couldn’t think of a more expert reader than you. Read it, and tell me what you think.

Awaiting your Response,


Annie lifted the book out of the box and smiled. She was already reading before she sat down on the bed.

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