Fiction: Curses (193 words)

18 Mar

The house was finally still.  Jon has told them all that Beth Anne was out of the woods, and then retreated to bed himself so he might have some strength in the morning to help her out more.  Beth Anne herself was still sound asleep, deep under the effects of whatever spell Jon had put her under.  Caleb and Maddy had gone down to the living room to compare notes on the night, but ended up just sitting in silence, holding hands, and marveling at how lucky they had gotten.  Lucy was up in the perch, keeping an eye on the borders and their defenses, to make sure that no one was going to try to sneak up on them.

And Liam.  Liam sat in the wooden chair next to Beth Anne’s bed.  He had no intention of moving, and certainly no intention of sleeping until she woke up.  Until he could look her in the eye and see nothing but bright blue, no hint of gold or red flashing back at him.  He would be there, no matter what, until he was sure that he hadn’t cursed her to be like him.

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Posted by on March 18, 2015 in Stories


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