Fiction: Daydreaming (351 words)

12 Mar

He first saw a future for them after only knowing her a week.  He’d just started to work for the company before the big annual business trip, and on the third night of the tour down the east coast, their hotel messed up leaving him room less.  She had a room with two double beds, though, so after a pinky swear that he wouldn’t try anything, she let him camp out on the extra bed.

He wandered down to the business center to print some things and to not over crowd her in the room if he could.  He came back, and saw what he would love his life to be.  She laid on her stomach, laptop resting on the foot of her bed, her feet kicked up behind her.  She laughed occasionally at whatever was on the TV without looking up as she typed away at the keyboard.  When he came passed the little entrance area by the bathroom, she looked up at him and smiled.

He could just imagine her saying “Hi Sweetie,” and him crossing the room to give her a kiss before crawling into bed next to her. He could imagine that joy; that smile greeting him every morning and night.  There wasn’t much to go on, and he knew it was silly to think like that, but he could see it, and he could see it easily.

“Did you get it faxed?” She asked, shaking him back into the reality where he’d only known her a week and they were just co-workers.

“Hmm? Oh, yeah. Great Business center. Didn’t have any problems.”  Now that his work was done, he didn’t really know what to do, so he glanced at the television and tried to figure out what was playing.

“Just hit the switch when you want to go to bed.”  He turned to look at her again, but her focus had already returned to the laptop screen. “Don’t let me bother you or keep you up.”

“Don’t worry.”  He settled for sinking onto his own bed and pulling a tablet out of his laptop bag. “You won’t.”

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