Fiction: Crazies in Love (927 words)

07 Mar

“If I asked you to do something crazy, would you?”  She leaned against the counter while he washed the dishes. He always did the dishes. He liked them done just so, and she really hated having her hands submerged in water for any extended period of time, so it was a nice trade-off.  In response, she had a very specific tub, toilet and sink regiment that she liked done at least twice a week to keep things clean, so she took the bathroom, he took the kitchen, and they made a good team.

However, she also knew that while he was working on the dishes, she essentially had a captive audience. He wouldn’t disrupt his pattern to get away–and he seemed to be incapable of simply ignoring her, so she could turn the topic to pretty much anything she wanted and he’d have to follow the line of conversation.

“Do something crazy? I have a very specific pattern about how I can set up my meals before I can eat them.  I have a detailed process for cleaning pretty much everything in our house.  I could go on, but I think you understand the point is that I am the definition of something crazy.”  He kept washing carefully, and dropped another piece of silverware carefully into its drying rack at the side of the sink.

“I don’t mean crazy in the societal sense of the word, but crazy in the ‘out of the norm for us’ kind of way. If I asked you to do something, would you do it?”

“Well, there is no point in arguing the hypothetical’s, because there are about a hundred things I would do if you asked me that are technically considered out of the normal for us, and there are a thousand things that I would never consider doing, no matter who was the one who asked me.” Another fork and a knife clicked into it’s bin. “So, why don’t you go ahead and ask me what it is you want me to do, and I’ll let you know if it’s something that I would consider doing for you or not.”  He let a small smile on his face, looking down into the dishwater, trying to hide it from her, but she could see the little dimple forming in his cheek.

“Just for the record, I really want to kiss you know, but I know how you get when I interrupt the dishes for petty things like sexual desire, so I’m restraining myself.”  It was only half a joke, and that’s what made them so compatible.

“Noted and appreciated.”  He was really smiling now, fully fledged and right at her.  She couldn’t help but smile back.  It was infectious. “So, what is it? What inevitable trek am I making into the uncomfortable because you fluttered your eyelashes and said you really wanted to?”

“I want to go home.”  She said simply.

For the first time in all the time that she knew him, he set down the dish he was scrubbing, and turned to face her completely.  “You want to go home?”

“Not for good–but at least for a visit. I want you to come with me, if you will. But, yes.  I want to go home.”  Normally, the announcement wouldn’t seem to be that dramatic. But, to go home for her meant they were literally traveling a quarter of the way around the world.  It would require taking time off work, planning weeks in advanced, spending a pretty hefty chunk of money.  She literally hadn’t been home in years.  She hadn’t even expressed an interest in going home.  After all, she had moved so far away for a reason.  She could only take so much of her home.  But the fact that she wanted to go back, it meant something important.

“How long do you think you want to go home for?” He asked carefully.

“I don’t know.  A week–a couple of weeks–a month at the absolute most.  I just miss people.  I miss my hometown.  And if you don’t want to go then I’ll go myself and I won’t stay for that long, but I would like you to come. I’d like to show you around. You could meet my family, my friends, see where I grew up.  I think it might be fun.”

“Fun?” he asked, a little bit skeptically.

“Well, by that I mean that you’ll only hate it and be angry about seventy percent of the time.  But that’s thirty percent mildly contented to actually happy, which would be a definite improve me to the ninety ten split of all the other holidays I’ve already considered.”  He considered her for a second, and then turned back to the dishes.  “Obviously no answer is needed now, but I’d like you to consider it, yes?”

“I’ll consider it.” He promised, and his promise was as good as gold.  She swooped up on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek.  He made an annoyed sound, but didn’t stop washing dishes, or turn to say anything.  She smiled and took it as a good sign, and then skipped away from the kitchen.  Only when she was gone, did he let the smile break onto his face, and gave himself a small chuckle. He couldn’t say no to her.  They’d be going to see her family sometime very soon.  Because it would make her happy, and she was entirely unaware of just how heavily her happiness weighed upon his shoulders.  He’d do anything to make her happy. And he meant, anything.

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