Fiction: Middle Names [Part 1 of 2] (596 words)

28 Feb

The truth of the matter is that we are completely insane when we are all completely sober.  Because of that, we very rarely hang out with any kind of less than level-headed effecting items.  However, every once in a while, something is completely out of our control, such as when I had an awful allergic reaction to some sort of plant sex that’s floating out in the air, and I am so miserable that I decide take some Benadryl from a well intending friend.  I remembered from ages ago, age 6 or something along those lines, that I have had a pretty strong reaction to Benadryl, but I’m so stuffy and eye-wateringly sad that I cannot make myself care.

Thankfully, I now have friends who gladly and eagerly remind me exactly the reaction that I have to Benadryl.

Now most of this story is not my recollection of the night’s events.  Really, I don’t remember much past being miserable in the dining hall.  I can vaguely remember accepting the Benadryl.  That’s really it.  However, most of this story has been recounted to me by various sources, so I’m forced to believe that it’s true, and that I am really as crazy as I have been lead to believe.

It was Aubrey who had the Benadryl in her purse at dinner, and suggested that I have some.  She didn’t say so that I stop looking so miserable, but to me, it seemed implied. I weighed my options, and decided that half a dose wouldn’t kill me. For the rest of dinner I was relatively sane, if I’m recalling correctly.  A lot of the sinus pressure in my head eased up, and although my nose was still running, all in all I felt worlds better.  Really, that was the last thing that I remember.  Apparently, I was giggling and happy as we finished up dinner, and the group decided that it was time to head back to our respective homes.  Most of us lived in an apartment complex right across the street from the main gate of campus, so we all walked together across the street.  Because of that, sometimes we ended up sticking together on campus after dinner so a couple of errands could be run.  That particular day, the errands in question were going to feed the rats that Aubrey and Konnie were taking care of as part of a psychology class, an errand that took longer than expected, and happened to fall at the same time that I was flat-out losing my mind. Leaning up against the wall of the science building, I looked around at the group and realized that someone was missing.  Kaelyn had wandered away from the group, and I felt the need to point this fact out to everyone.  Egged on by my increasing Benadryl fueled insanity, Konnie started calling out, “Kaelyn Sarah! Where’d you go?! Please, come back to me!”

This, for no rational reason, and not really any irrational reason either, was hilarious to me.  I slid down the wall until I was mostly laying on the floor, my head still resting against the wall.  “You okay?” Sweet Aubrey asked me, probably genuinely concerned.

“Hey Kaelyn!” I yelled.  I didn’t wait for an answer or response, but instead screamed out into the science building, “Did you know your middle name is Sarah?”  I cackled happily at this discovery, as if I had just made the world’s funniest joke.

“Do you think it’s the Benadryl?” Roz asked.

“It’s most certainly the Benadryl,” Fay answered.

“Oh dear,” Aubrey frowned down at me.

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