Fiction: Writing (454 words)

24 Feb

“I hate this assignment.  I really, really hate it.”  Haley looked up at Kaelyn and her computer.  She was chewing on the end of a pen and staring at her computer monitor. “It’s a stupid assignment.”

“What assignment is that?” Haley asked, kicking her feet up.  She was reading some sort of stupid book, because she had a crazy stupid to do list, and all of her homework was done hours ago.  Haley might not have been the smartest stick in the mud, but she was certainly one of the most efficient.

“The stupid Hertzson assignment.  Write a misleading beginning.  What does that even mean?” Kaelyn threw her pen down on the desk next to her keyboard.

“Well—“Haley was a lot of things, but smart enough to hold her tongue was not one of those things. “I’m assuming that he wants you to write the beginning of a story that is misleading.  Just a hunch.”

“You are of very little help.”  Kaelyn informed her, spinning around in her chair so that she was facing Haley’s bed.  “Well, what are you going to write about?”

“Going to?” Haley smiled down into her book.

Kaelyn groaned. “Don’t tell me that you’re already done with the assignment.”

“I won’t tell you then.”  Haley smiled, not really reading, but also not really wanting to look up at Kaelyn either.

“Okay then.  Read me what you’ve got.”  That time Haley did look up, already starting to blush.


“Oh, come on. I’m not going to steal it from you. And you’re just going to have to read it aloud in class tomorrow anyways.  Don’t get shy on me now.”

“It’s not any good.”

“Its fine, I’m sure you’re just over reacting.  Come on, you got into Advanced Creative Writing, didn’t you? Your portfolio had to be worth something.” Haley wrinkled her nose, and Kaelyn waggled her eyebrows.  “You know you want to.”

That was the double-edged sword of being a writer.  Haley wanted to write for people to read, but it never seemed good enough to let someone else read.  But, she supposed, if she couldn’t let Kaelyn read it tonight, then there was really no reason to even bother turning it in the next morning.

“All right, all right, Fine.”  Haley swung her legs off the bed and crossed to her computer.

“Yay!” Kaelyn turned in her chair again, so she was facing Haley.

“No reading over my shoulder now.  Let me edit myself as I want, huh?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah.”  Kaelyn sighed, spinning in her chair one last time so that she was facing away from Haley and her computer.

Haley pulled up the file on her computer.  “You ready?”

“Yes.”  Kaelyn was slightly exasperated. “Just read.”

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