Fiction: Breaking a Curse is Hard Work (313 words)

23 Feb

Beth sighed and rubbed her hands over her eyes.  The words were swimming before her eyes.  She wasn’t going to get anything else done if she kept at it like this.   Sighing, she pushed away from the table and crossed over to the windows overlooking the river.  She watched as a wake from a recent boat passing rolled into shore and sighed.  She headed out the back door and walked down the pier.  Mom would not be happy to see her out here at night, Step-Daddy would not be happy to see her out here without a jacket on, and Margie would simply be jealous that Beth was out here in general.  Beth wrapped her arms around herself, and stared at the reflection of the half-moon in the water.

Margie was the whole reason Beth was doing any of this.  If someone had asked, of course she would refer to Step-Daddy, and Liam at Witch Class, but really, this was all about Margie.  Step-Daddy had made a life for himself because of all the things he had done before he was cursed, and Liam was going to have some level of respectability because he was a Witch, but Margie?  She was a twelve-year-old girl without a power, who had been cursed for her entire life.  How in the world was she going to handle the world around her?  Beth was going to find a way to make sure that Margie was going to be able to do anything that she wanted to do with her life.

Beth shivered, but she wasn’t entirely sure it was due the winds coming off of the water.  She wrapped her arms around herself, and began to head back to the house.  She was going to have to keep working if she wanted to be able to get anything done in time for her sister to use it.

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