Fiction: All-Nighters (368 words)

06 Feb

“She tried to stay up all night again, didn’t she?”  James sighed softly, cutting his eyes over to Cindy, sound asleep in a little ball at the end of the couch.

“Of course she did.  She hates going to sleep when one of us is dead. Like if she’s not conscious, then the regeneration wouldn’t happen.  Like we haven’t been doing this for a couple hundred years before she was born.”  Matthew was being snarky.  James raised an eyebrow, curious as to what had happened while he was out, but Matthew just shook his head and made it clear he did not want to talk about it.

“Still—we should probably try to get her into bed Proper, huh?”  James suggested timidly.

“You go ahead,” Matthew sighed, “I wash my hands of her.”  Matthew said quickly, in a tone they all knew he didn’t mean.  He gave James a half-hearted nod as a way of a goodnight and headed down the hallway that led to his bedroom.

James leaned down over the ball of the sleeping woman.  Very carefully, he pushed a lock of her hair away from her face, and trying not to startle her he whispered, “Cindy,”  She stirred slowly, gently blinking and look up to see what had woken her.

When she finally recognized him, her face broke into a sleepy grin.  “James. You’re alive.”

“’Course I am.  You didn’t think I’d leave you behind, did you?”

“No. Not really.”  She murmured, and snuggled a little deeper into the couch cushions.

“Oh, no you don’t.” James teased, pulling the throw blanket out of her grip and forcing her to stretch out a little.  “To your real bed I think.  Your back is going to hate you if you stay there.”

She groaned and complained but James coaxed her into standing and shuffling in the general direction of her bed room.  When he was just about to head to his own bed, with a detour to the medicine cabinet for some pain killers, Cindy turned back around to face him.  “James?”

“Yeah, Cindy?”

“I’m very glad that you’re still not actually dead.”

“Me too.”  James replied.  Cindy nodded sagely, and continued her sleep-zombie way to her bed.

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