Fiction: Little Kicks (300 words)

24 Jan

She guided his hand along her stomach, following the movements of the little foot pushing against her insides.   She tried not to laugh at the way his mouth was hanging open, and his eyes were as big as saucers.  It was kind of a big deal to feel one’s kid moving for the first time, and if he was taking it easily in stride, she might have been a little bit upset by that.

“That’s our baby?” He asked stupidly before giving himself a little shake.  “Of course that’s our baby. What else is living in your pregnant stomach and kicking?”

“It’s okay. Sympathetic pregnancy brain,” She teased, kissing him gently on the forehead. “It is a kind of amazing feeling though, isn’t it?” He nodded, his mouth still open, moving his hand on his own, tracing her now still stomach for another feeling of the child’s kick. “I think he’s gone to sleep for now.”

“He?” Aden looked up at her, finally pulling his hand away from her belly. “Do you know something I don’t?”

She shrugged, “Not officially.  Just a gut feeling.  But I could be wrong, it’s my first kid. How do I know the difference between a boy and a girl?”

“He.  A little boy. That’d be nice. Of course, a little girl would be okay too. A Little anything, as long as it breathes and kicks and makes our lives so miserable that we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

He rested his ear against her stomach, smiling up at her. She rolled her eyes.  “You’re quite the romantic, aren’t you?”

“Wouldn’t have me any other way.”  He grinned like the cat that got the canary, and she reached out to ruffle his hair affectionately. He was right. She wouldn’t have him any other way.

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