Fiction: Return to Old Times (303 words)

23 Jan

They hadn’t talked in about five weeks.

Clark’s fiancée had left him to reunite with her ex—and they’d had a whirlwind romance and marriage before heading off on the honeymoon that was originally planned for her and Clark. He understandably need some time after that.

As for Marjorie—well, her life was never not complicated.  She didn’t always make the best choices in life, and in these weeks even she had a bit of a spike in the absurdity department, so she didn’t have a lot of time for people who weren’t directly related to anything going on.

They reunited at his old place—well, just his place again.  The apartment he shared with his brother.  The last time she had been there was the day the engagement had been broken off, when she’d held him while he cried and fell asleep on his mattress, both of them unsure what else they could do.

It took some time, when she first got there, while they hovered near each other, not sure what to do with themselves or how to treat the other.

“I missed you,” Clark finally sighed, “I haven’t seen you in ages and I really missed you.”

“I missed you too,” Marjorie answered, “I just thought that—you know—with everything…”

“Yeah,” Clark nodded a bit more vigorously than was necessary, “I get it.”

And like breaking glass, the awkwardness shattered.  It could have been any random day in their semi complicated lives.  Marjorie sank into the couch and started flipping through channels on the TV like she owned the place.  Clark disappeared into the kitchen and reemerged with beers for them both just in time to complain about the Rom-Com she’d switched the channel to.   She insisted he could change the channel if he could get the remote from her, and everything was like before.

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