Fiction: Late (354 words)

22 Jan

“I can’t believe you’ve made me late.  It’s my very first day and I’m late. What kind of impression does that make?”  Hannah tapped her fingers nervously against the car door handle, almost like she was ready to tuck and roll as soon as he pulled into the parking lot.

Gabe wanted to laugh, but he knew it would do nothing to calm her nerves and might just make her ever more anxious about, the whole thing.  “Don’t worry, Han. Kaye already knows you and loves you.  Besides—she knows the city’s traffic and she knows what I drive like, so I bet you dollars to donut that she will blame me for you tardiness immediately—no need for excuses from you.”

“I should have known better,” Hannah muttered, “Planned better, gotten you out of the door faster.”

“You could have tried,” Gabe scoffed skeptically, “But hey, if this really means that much to you, we’ll leave earlier tomorrow morning.  I promise.”  Gabe reached over and stuck out a pinky, which Hannah linked with hers.  “You can even drive tomorrow if you want, start getting to know the streets of your new home.”

“Yeah?” Hannah smiled, looking at the console of Gabe’s nice car.

“Sure,”  Gabe let himself laugh a little now at the hungry look in Hannah’s eyes.  “If you want, I can go and talk to Kaye this morning and explain to her—“

“No, no,”  Hannah cut him off, sitting up a little straighter as they pulled into the parking lot, trying to look a bit more professional.  “You have your own job to do, and I need to be responsible for myself.”

“All right,” They got out of the car and stood near the truck for a moment, not really sure what to do with this moment of parting.  “Well, I’m this way.”  Gabe gestured to a building to the left of the parking lot.  “You remember how to find Kaye’s room, yeah?”

“Yeah,” she smiled, turning to walk the other way.  “I’ll meet you here? End of the day?” She called over her shoulder.

“Sounds good.  Have a good day, and good luck.”

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