Fiction: Getting Ready (422 words)

18 Jan

When she blew into the room, she hardly had time to register more than the blond curly hair which was the only sign over the couch of the slumped down Xbox player in the living room. That didn’t stop her from talking a mile a minute anyway.  “Oh, good, Justin.  I’m glad you’re already home.  I’d be forever grateful if you’d go ahead and get all the bags together while I handle the last steps.” Heidi swung the groceries up onto the kitchen counter.  “I have this sinking suspicion that Marjorie is going to keep me late in her way, and I swear to go if Clark doesn’t get his act together I’m going to just—Not Justin.” Heidi finally looked up at the smiling face who had turned to look at her.  The layman wouldn’t have noticed the difference from this distance necessarily, after all, Stephen and Justin were the most-identical identical-twins that most people had ever laid eyes on.  But Heidi knew her husband to be.

“Sorry, I was going to say something as soon as you took a breath,” Stephen grinned.

“I don’t have time for breathing today,”  Heidi turned to start putting things away as she spoke, as if to reinforce her point.  “Were we expecting you? I’m sure Justin has told you we have a very busy weekend.”

“Not really.  My Xbox is bricked, so Jus said I could come play as long as I stayed out of your way.  Am I out of your way? Do you need me to do something while I’m here?”

“Could you find out when Justin is supposed to get home? We need to be out the door in forty-five minutes, and I’d really like to not have to nag him all the way out the door.”

“Aye, Aye, Future Sister.”  Stephen saluted, and pulled out his phone.  Heidi stuck everything away, dumped a couple of cans into a crock pot, and threw a covered casserole in the oven.  She considered the kitchen for a second longer, trying to decide if she’d remembered everything she need to do in the kitchen before she headed back to her room to get changed.  Just as she was heading out, Stephen called, “He’s seven minutes out and he’s very, very sorry he’s running late and he agrees that Marjorie will probably keep you late and he’s sorry for that too.”

“Thanks, Stephen.  I’ll see you later.”  Heidi disappeared into the bedroom to wriggle into an uncomfortable dress.  It was going to be a long wedding weekend.

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