Fiction: A Small Test (423 words)

15 Jan

He reached out carefully to brush a piece of hair away from her forehead, but she held up a hand to stop him.  He gave a soft laugh.  “No magic, just skin—“he wiggled his fingers in front of her eyes as proof.  “I promise.”  She relaxed slightly, and he swept the hair off her face, discreetly checking for a fever as best as he could.

“My head is going to pop,” she said weakly, “explode like a watermelon.  You’re going to get brains goo on you.”

“Does it really hurt that badly?”  He whispered.

“Yeah. Just about.”  She rested back against the pillows a little further.

“You know, I could…” Tristan made a small swirling gesture with his hand.

“No.  Thank you, but no. I can’t turn to it anytime I feel a bit sickly.  I’ve got to fight through all this, okay?”

“But—watermelon head.” Tristan protested, miming an explosion between his hands..  Lydia laughed weakly, but shook her head no.  “What if I just helped you sleep?  You know? Like a big dose of Nyquil without having to show the cashier your ID?”

She eyed him for a second.  “Just sleeping? No curing?”

“No curing. Just sleeping.” He echoed.

“Swear on something,” Lydia challenged.

Tristan thought for a second and then “I swear on the fact that you are the most epic cock block in the history of cock blockers that I will only help you sleep.”

Lydia laughed outright in spite of the pain.  “I am an excellent cock block.”

“Oh, I don’t think Andre will ever let you forget it.” Tristian held up his fingers again, wiggling them in front of Lydia’s forehead.  She eyed them wearily for a second, and then nodded. He pressed his fingers gently to her forehead and listened as her breathing evened out.  He waited until he was sure that she was asleep before lifting his fingers away.  He kissed her very softly on the temple before heading back out into the living room.

Andre was at his side in a second. “Is she okay? What does she need? What can I do?”

“She’s okay,” Tristan assured him, “In a lot of pain, but asleep now. She’ll be alright.”

“She didn’t accept—right? I mean, you offered to…” Andre trailed off.

“Yeah. I mean no.  I just helped her get to sleep.” Tristan confirmed, and Andre looked immediately relieved.  “It’s going to be a long haul though.”

“True,” Andre agreed, sliding over on the couch so that Tristan could sit down, “But, at least she’s passed the first test.”

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