Fiction: In The Meantime (222 words)

06 Jan

I hated to see her hurting like this.  Maggie might be a little rough around the edges, and maybe a smidge brash if you weren’t prepared for her—but she was a good person.  She dedicated a majority of her life to helping people, even if all that help came from within the comforts of her own home, it’s still time and energy dedicated to the betterment of others.  More than once, she’d helped me out of a sticky situation without ever stepping out of her study.

So, to see her hurting like this and to know I couldn’t do anything to help, it was heartbreaking.  What had she done to deserve this?  It almost made me want to hate Daniel for doing this o her, but I knew it wasn’t really his fault either.  There was no one to blame here except for the mystical powers that be which may or may not exist but end up effecting our lives anyway.

And in a way, that just makes it all so much worse. I’m angry, but there is no one to be angry at.  That’s just built up rage, and that can’t be healthy for anyone involved.  Eventually, I’ll find something to blame in an unrelated situation and channel this all through that—but what are we supposed to do in the mean time?

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