Fiction: You, Me, and Karma [Part 6] (582 words)

03 Jan

Despite my worries, short lived as they were, I found that Dinner with Amanda and Zach was very—easy.

There was an awkward moment, after ordering drinks, were we all just sat in silence, sort of staring around the table.

Amanda saved us.  She noticed that none of us had even bothered to look at our menus.  “Wanna play a game?” She asked.

“Excuse me?” I replied, not sure I had heard her correctly.

“Obviously, this is a local haunt. We all know the menu. I bet I can guess what you’re going to order.”

“You’ve known us all of two hours–” Adrian laughed, “And you can tell what we’d order from the entire menu.”

“With no extra hints.” Amanda smiled smugly.

I drew my eyebrows together and smiled questionably at Zach.  He shrugged and smiled, both disbelievingly and a little bit proud. “She’s a studying people expert.”

“Wanna be a psychologist, or a profiler.” She grinned. “Anyways, want to play?”  She was bouncing slightly in her chair, like a child awaiting her parent’s verdict on whether or not she could go play in the sandbox.

“Sure, “Adrian laughed, “Guess away.”

Amanda narrowed her eyes and stroked at an imaginary goatee.  She looked back and forth between Adrian and me. “You–” She pointed at me, “You said that the steakhouse was your favorite restaurant in the city. You don’t pick a steakhouse as a favorite to not eat steak, so–I’m going to go with Choice Del Monaco. And you,” She turned to Adrian instead, “You humor your sister’s favorite restaurant, but not so much with the steak, But, it is a great cook house, so you go with one of the burgers.  I’d probably say the Greek Hamburger, because it makes you feel like you’re getting more than you would at your average Applebee’s. Both with fries, of course, because this place has nothing if not wonderful French fries.”   She smiled at us both, awaiting our response. “So? Am I right? Am I close?”

Adrian and I shared a smile.  We were saved answering when an older waitress, different from the woman who had took our drink orders slinked over and placed her hands on the table between us.  “Well, well, well, if it isn’t my lovely Hills. Where’s the bride, Mister Adrian?”

“She stayed home tonight.  It was supposed to be a sibling night out, but we ran into some new friends.” I answered, even though the waitress was still looking at him.

“You’ve gotten mighty good at throwing your voice, Mr. Adrian. Sounds just like that Elliott, too.”

“Well, when you live with her long enough, you pick up some traits.”  Adrian smiled.

“Right. Well, your usual?”

“Yes, please, Miss Ilene.” We replied in unison.

” And what can I get for your friends?” She turned to look across the table.

“Excuse me, Miss Ilene,” Amanda leaned across the tables, “Could you tell me what their usual’s are?”

“Well, Miss Elliott likes the Greek Cheeseburger medium well, and Mister Adrian always gets the choice del Monaco on the rare side, both with French fries. Why do you ask, sweetheart?”

“Good call on the Choice Del Monaco,” I offered, smiling slyly, “It is one of the best steaks in the place.”

“Don’t think too much about it. People get us mixed up all the time.”  Adrian added.

“I’m going to assume I’m missing something, and continue collecting orders,” Miss Ilene licked a pencil, and turned to her notepad again. “And for you dears?”

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