Fiction: Crazy Levels (228 words)

29 Dec

She always had a sneaking feeling that she wasn’t going to be able to find someone who was the same level of crazy as her.  That’s what she figured was needed to have a lasting relationship.  Not that he had to be the same kind of crazy–that would never happen.  But the same level of crazy.  Just so crazy, but not crazier than that.  Because if she was crazier than him, then he probably wouldn’t know how to hand her, and she would feel guilty anytime she was hit with a batch of crazy, which happened more often than she’d really like to admit.  That wasn’t healthy.  If he was crazier than her, then it was likely that she wouldn’t know how to handle him when he got crazy.  She, although she was somewhat ashamed to admit it, tended to panic when faced with things she didn’t know how to handle.  So, if he was crazy, and she was panicked, that was just a recipe for disaster, and face on the trail of breaking up.

But they could be the same level of crazy.  They could counter each other, and care for each other, and maybe even be crazy together.  And that was actually kind of something she longed for.  She wanted a man who was her perfect level of crazy.

Wouldn’t that just be absolutely perfect?  Crazily together.

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