Fiction: Early Morning (500 words)

28 Dec

Nessa had known for weeks that she was going to have to attend her father’s court today.  That did not prevent her from gripping and complaining when Lillianna came to wake her up just before first light.  The poor twenty-one year old woman had been caring for Nessa since she was five years old, when Nessa only had a couple of months under her belt.  Lillianna never held it against Nessa when she complained about pointless things that only a spoiled rich girl could complain about, and in return, Nessa always went to bat for Lillianna, and got her the best treatment that she could.  And even though Nessa was pretty sure it was cruel and unusual punishment for the poor woman to have to listen to Nessa as she griped through her bath, hair, and dressing, Nessa just couldn’t help herself.

This was her first visit to court since her sixteen birthday, and she was pretty sure today, she would be meeting her eventual husband.

Lillianna left Nessa alone for a grand total of one and a half minutes, and in that time, Nessa managed to peel her heels and stockings, and hide them away under some bedding.  Her skirt went all the way to the ground, which meant as long as Lillianna didn’t realize (or comment on the fact) that Nessa was now two and a half inches shorter, than no one would know she was running around barefoot. Most of her family would be scandalized.  Attending court not just stocking footed, but barefoot! How uncouth! How Uncivilized! Her father would frown because it was expected of him, but secretly he would give her a wink when he was sure her mother wasn’t looking. Her eldest brother, the slightly troubling inheritor of the title of Lord, Master Kane, would openly laugh, and probably give her a high-five.

Kane and Nessa had a very interesting relationship.  They had seven siblings and sixteen years between them.  Kane believed that he owed Nessa his life and sanity from the very moment she was born.  Kane was fifteen minutes into what was supposed to be a five-hour ceremony that would make him the official inheritor of the title “Lord” on their father’s death, when Nessa decided to make her world debut.  Since the ceremony had started, it could not be halted or restarted.  They condensed the ceremony into a grand total of thirty minutes, and then Lord and Lady had to rush off to the birthing chamber.  When the baby, as of yet unnamed, was presented to her siblings, Kane held his sister tight to his chest and promised that for this gift she’d given him, he would give her anything that she wanted.  And that was something that she had certainly taken advantage of during her past sixteen years.

Today, she was preparing to ask for the end all be all of ‘anything she wanted’ and it all depended on who she was about to meet in her father’s court today.

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