Fiction: Dependable (182 words)

12 Dec

She knew that no matter what, Carson would be there.  That’s what brothers were for, right?  No matter how badly Joy messed up, no matter what rule she’d broken before, no matter what mistakes she couldn’t prevent—as long as she was sorry, Carson would forgive her.  That was the point.

She had to face this part alone—sitting silently while she was documented in what seemed to be a hundred different ways so that if she ever made this particular mistake they’d be ready to prove she was a repeat offender.  She had to explain what happened to several different people to prove that her story was always the same.  She had to look and sound just as remorseful as she felt as soon as it happened.  She had to deal with the fact that no one here was on her side.

But they had called Carson—and he would be here soon.  And Carson wouldn’t dare stand against her.  He’d be on her side, and she wouldn’t be alone anymore. With his support, she could do anything.

Joy could always rely on Carson.  Right?

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