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Fiction: Dear Sister (187 words)

Dearest sister,

I know that this letter will never be mailed. I know that you will probably never read it.  I know that you won’t stop running until you are ready to come back and face us.  I know that I made my mistakes, but so have you and so has Adrian.  It was a very rough time for all of us, and we all know that we handled it very differently.  I’ll admit I was mad at you for a long time, longer than I should have been.

But I am writing this to say that I am not mad at you anymore.  You are my baby sister, and I shouldn’t have turned my back on you.  At the same time, you shouldn’t have run the way that you did. We’re both to blame here.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say in this letter.  I’m going to sing this, seal it up, and send it off to Adrian, because let’s face it, you’ll see him ages before you speak to me again.  Just remember that I love you, and I miss you.

Your loving sister,


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Fiction: Hair Cut (126 words)

One day, with the assistance of a friend, she cut all her hair off. Well, not all of it, but she said all of it because it sounded more dramatic. No, in reality, she cut off thirteen inches of hair, leaving her hair shorter than she could ever remember it being.  It was a spontaneous and reckless act, and was more fun then she imagined it being.  Everyone kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, for her to realize what she’d done, and to freak out. But it didn’t, and she didn’t.  In fact, she loved her new hair. It was message to the world, but what it actually represented, well; she hadn’t quite figured that out yet.  But it was certainly a sign of something.

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Fiction: Crazy Levels (228 words)

She always had a sneaking feeling that she wasn’t going to be able to find someone who was the same level of crazy as her.  That’s what she figured was needed to have a lasting relationship.  Not that he had to be the same kind of crazy–that would never happen.  But the same level of crazy.  Just so crazy, but not crazier than that.  Because if she was crazier than him, then he probably wouldn’t know how to hand her, and she would feel guilty anytime she was hit with a batch of crazy, which happened more often than she’d really like to admit.  That wasn’t healthy.  If he was crazier than her, then it was likely that she wouldn’t know how to handle him when he got crazy.  She, although she was somewhat ashamed to admit it, tended to panic when faced with things she didn’t know how to handle.  So, if he was crazy, and she was panicked, that was just a recipe for disaster, and face on the trail of breaking up.

But they could be the same level of crazy.  They could counter each other, and care for each other, and maybe even be crazy together.  And that was actually kind of something she longed for.  She wanted a man who was her perfect level of crazy.

Wouldn’t that just be absolutely perfect?  Crazily together.

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Fiction: Early Morning (500 words)

Nessa had known for weeks that she was going to have to attend her father’s court today.  That did not prevent her from gripping and complaining when Lillianna came to wake her up just before first light.  The poor twenty-one year old woman had been caring for Nessa since she was five years old, when Nessa only had a couple of months under her belt.  Lillianna never held it against Nessa when she complained about pointless things that only a spoiled rich girl could complain about, and in return, Nessa always went to bat for Lillianna, and got her the best treatment that she could.  And even though Nessa was pretty sure it was cruel and unusual punishment for the poor woman to have to listen to Nessa as she griped through her bath, hair, and dressing, Nessa just couldn’t help herself.

This was her first visit to court since her sixteen birthday, and she was pretty sure today, she would be meeting her eventual husband.

Lillianna left Nessa alone for a grand total of one and a half minutes, and in that time, Nessa managed to peel her heels and stockings, and hide them away under some bedding.  Her skirt went all the way to the ground, which meant as long as Lillianna didn’t realize (or comment on the fact) that Nessa was now two and a half inches shorter, than no one would know she was running around barefoot. Most of her family would be scandalized.  Attending court not just stocking footed, but barefoot! How uncouth! How Uncivilized! Her father would frown because it was expected of him, but secretly he would give her a wink when he was sure her mother wasn’t looking. Her eldest brother, the slightly troubling inheritor of the title of Lord, Master Kane, would openly laugh, and probably give her a high-five.

Kane and Nessa had a very interesting relationship.  They had seven siblings and sixteen years between them.  Kane believed that he owed Nessa his life and sanity from the very moment she was born.  Kane was fifteen minutes into what was supposed to be a five-hour ceremony that would make him the official inheritor of the title “Lord” on their father’s death, when Nessa decided to make her world debut.  Since the ceremony had started, it could not be halted or restarted.  They condensed the ceremony into a grand total of thirty minutes, and then Lord and Lady had to rush off to the birthing chamber.  When the baby, as of yet unnamed, was presented to her siblings, Kane held his sister tight to his chest and promised that for this gift she’d given him, he would give her anything that she wanted.  And that was something that she had certainly taken advantage of during her past sixteen years.

Today, she was preparing to ask for the end all be all of ‘anything she wanted’ and it all depended on who she was about to meet in her father’s court today.

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Fiction: You, Me, and Karma [Part 5] (684 words)

Being only four in the theatre, we all felt free to add our own running commentary as the movie went on.  All in all, it was the most fun I had in a movie in a very long time. As the credits started to roll, I skipped down to where Zach and Amanda were both collecting their things.

“That was fun.”  Zach said.

“Most fun I’ve had in ages.”  Amanda added.

“I think fate has made good friends of us.”  I grinned.

“Indeed,” Zach answered. “Listen, Amanda and I were going to head out to dinner.  Would you and your brother care to join us?”

“That depends. Where are you going?”

“The Virginia Steak House. It’s right off Laskin Road.”

“You are an angel of a man. That’s my favorite restaurant in the city,” I answered,

“Mine too!” Zach’s sister spoke up, “Zach thinks it just alright, but he’s a push over when it comes to me.”

“That’s a sister’s power. Quite convenient, eh?”

“What’s a sister’s power?” Adrian asked, finally coming down the stairs at a more normal pace than I had.

“Nothing. You want to go to the Steak House?” I asked.

Adrian looked at me quizzically and said something strange.  It took me a moment to translate, because I was not used to Adrian using the language so blatantly in front of other people anymore. We’d long outgrown trying to confuse people. Where do you know this guy from?

I’ve met him a couple of times.  He’s a cool guy.  Steak house?”

“What language is that?” Amanda asked.

“Hmm? Oh.  It’s something we made up when we were very young. Sorry.”

“No. That’s awesome! Why didn’t we do something cool like that when we were little?”  Amanda smacked her brother’s arm.

“Because I am simply not that cool.” Zach answered, “So will we see you at Dinner?”

“Yup. We’ll meet you there.”


It wasn’t until I was in the car with Adrian that I realized how potentially awkward this whole evening was about to become.   I mean, I had just invited a man who I had only met three times, with two of those instances involving dumping stuff on each other, and the third had mostly involved me sleeping in the chair next to his.  And now we were heading out to dinner, each of us with a sibling in tow.  I mean, what did I really know about this guy?  I knew that he had a girlfriend.  I knew he had a coffee habit he was trying to kick.  I know we had similar tastes in movies, or at least, in that particular movie.  That really wasn’t very much to go on, was it?  For all I knew, he could be some kind of really creepy stalker.   You know—with a teenage girl accomplice.  That kind of thing happened all the time, right?

“We’re not standing them up.”  Adrian said suddenly.


“You’ve over thinking things. We’re going to the Steakhouse.”

“Why are you so gung ho about meeting this guy?”

“I’m gung ho about you getting out of the house, about you meeting new people. About occasionally getting out of your comfort zone.  Besides, if we went home and told this story to Melissa, can you just imagine?  I mean.  Really, we’d never hear the end of it, you for chickening out and me for allowing you.  No, I won’t have it.  We’re not standing them up.”

I guess I made some kind of face in response, because Adrian laughed.  “Come on, don’t be such a chicken shit.  Come on, I mean, really. What is the worst that can happen? We have a terrible dinner and a new story to tell when we go to the family reunion.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“Damn straight I’m right. Besides, I was promised a steak. I want my steak.”

I rolled my eyes.  My brother was actually a rather predictable creature when all things were considered.

I resigned myself to the plans I had created and doubted within a matter of minutes.  Worse comes to worse, I would still have a delicious dinner.

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Fiction: Knitting (136 words)

Around, pull down, slide off, and tighten. Around, pull down, slide off, and tighten. Around pull down, slide off, tighten.  She repeated the little mantra in her head as she stitched away, carefully adding loop after loop of the bright orange yarn to the ribbon that fell down past her feet.  It had started with the idea of being a scarf, but now it was far too long for any sane person to wear it, even with several loops around the neck.  At this point, she just figured she’d keep knitting until she ran out of yarn. Then she’d find something to do with it.  Around, pull down, slide off, and tighten.  It was oddly relaxing, after all.  And she wasn’t a relaxing person—so when she found something that worked, what would be the point in stopping?

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Fiction: Christmas Morning (116 words)

“Do you think we got the new Gameboy? I hope we got the new Gameboy.”

“I don’t want the Gameboy. I want a puppy.”

“Shh!  Both of you! If we wake them up then they’ll take everything back. Besides, Daddy already said we’re not getting a puppy, stupid.”

“Now you’re being too loud.”


Ryan and Jamie smiled at each other across the pillow.  “You think we should go out there, let them know we’re awake?”

Ryan shook his head and pulled Jamie a little closer.  “No—you know what it’s like.  Once we get started it will never stop.”  He buried his head in the crook of her neck. “Five more minutes.”

“Okay,” Jamie laughed, “Merry Christmas.”

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