Fiction: Quitting (205 words)

27 Nov

Morgan spat on the floor, trying not to be alarmed by how much blood there was. He wasn’t dying, no, he would feel it if he were dying, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t unsettling to see that amount of blood coming out of his mouth.

In spite of his concerns, he tilted his chin up and smiled at the woman before him, mostly just because he knew it would piss her off.  “How much does she know?”

“Oh, she knows more than you think,” Morgan laughed. “She’s a quick study you know.”

The woman glared, and with barely a flick of get finger she gestured for Morgan to be struck again.  This time it was on the back of his head, and so hard that he actually saw spots dancing before his eyes for a second.  “You have failed, Morgan.”

“Failed you? Yes, I suppose I have.  And you know, I am pretty okay with that. But no, I don’t think I failed.  I certainly haven’t failed her yet, and so help me god, I will not fail her.  And there isn’t a damn thing you can do to change it.”  Morgan laughed, until a final crack across the back head knocked him into unconsciousness.

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