Fiction: Road Tripping (218 words)

24 Nov

“I hate you.”

“You love me.” Blue eyes met green eyes across the aisle of the train, a stubborn little show of dominance. Blue eyes blinked first, and Cassie gave a little fist pump of victory. “You love me, I knew it.”

“My savings account hates you,” Frances amended, leaning her head back on the rest and watching the luggage rack bounce above her head. Twenty four hours ago, Frances was getting ready for a normal, if a bit boring, week of work.  Nineteen hours ago, Cassie had shown up on Frances’ doorstep with a smile and an elaborate plan.  Eight hours ago, Frances was calling in her sick days and buying a train ticket.  “Usually, I am more sensible than this, Cassie.”

“I know you are, Fran.”

“You just get under my skin.”  Frances rolled her eyes, turning again to face her best friend.

“Elementary school secrets.  I just know how to push all your buttons,” Cassie grinned, wagging her eyebrows at Frances, “If you have the means, you’ll always agree to my plans,” Frances wanted to disagree, but Cassie had a point.  And Cassie hadn’t led her astray yet.  Why start doubting her now? “Besides,” Cassie’s excited spark was back, “Who in their right mind would say no to New York City?”

“You make an excellent point.”

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