Fiction: Doctor Check In (259 words)

23 Nov

“She must have been hiding this for a while. There is no way that she reached the level she’s at in the time since she first reported symptoms.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean she’s been very sick for a lot longer than we believed.” Martin looked down at Hollie, unconscious in the hospital bed.  She was going to be so angry when she woke up.  She hated hospitals, she hated needles, and she really hated it when he worried about her.  Right now, she was hitting the hatred trifecta, if only she were awake to appreciate it.  “We’ve given her some pretty heavy sedatives so she’ll be unconscious for a while. We want to give her body some time to take care of itself before she wakes up and starts insisting that she doesn’t have symptoms that we can all clearly see she’s suffering from.”  Martin smiled in spite of himself. Clearly, this doctor had gotten to know Hollie pretty well before she’d passed out for the first time.  “She’ll be out for at least the rest of the night, if you want to go home she won’t know the difference.”

“I’d actually prefer to stay, if that’s alright.”

“All right.  I’ll get you a pillow and a blanket.” The Doctor smiled and dipped out of the room.  Martin turned back to look at his wife.  Yeah, she was not going to be happy when she woke up, but if what the doctor was saying was true, well, then he was going to be a bit angry as well.

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