Fiction: Travels (286 words)

18 Nov

“I’m leaving, Mom,” Hana brought her mother’s hand up to touch her cheek.  “Not for long—I promise I’ll be back as soon as possible.  But Harlowe and Conlyn need me to go with them.  I have to see their king and explain what I’ve seen. Henry is going to take control of the farm while I’m gone, and Angie has promised to keep up the food deliveries, you just have to let her know if you want to change anything for the next week, okay?”

Hana didn’t remember when she had gotten taller than her mother, but she realized now that she was looking down on her mother—just slightly. It was unsettling. It made her feel older than her mother, especially when she looked up at Hana with those wide eyes. “Don’t leave me too, Hana.”

“I’m not leaving you, Momma. I’m just leaving the house for a little while. Going on a vacation.”  To be honest, Hana hated this.  She hated that she had to be the voice of reason, the head of the household, since she was barely in the double digits.  But—she wasn’t Harlowe, she didn’t want to leave her father’s farm.  If she was going to have this land and this home and this happiness, then she was also going to have to deal with helping to care for her mother, the permanent child ever since her husband’s death. “I’ll be home soon, Momma.  Just—take care of yourself until we get back.”

Hana walked away from her mother, not daring to look back. “Is she alright?” Harlowe asked as Hana joined them outside.

“She will be. I hope so, anyway.”  Hana sighed, “Let’s get going—we should try not to be gone too long.”

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