Fiction: On the Job (222 words)

15 Nov

“I’ve had the job for sixteen minutes and I’ve already insulted the boss,”  Tommy buried his face in his hands, but was glad to hear that Laura’s laugh sounded more amused than cruel.

“Oh, I’m not really the boss,”  Laura smiled as Tommy peeked through his fingers, “Wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with Emily if she heard that.”

“But, if you said, ‘Fire him’?”

“You’d be fired in a heartbeat,” Laura nodded, “Oh for sure.” Tommy closed his fingers over his eyes again and groaned. “But, I’m not going to tell her to fire you.”

Tommy lowered his hands slowly. “You’re not?”

“Nah. I think it was an accidental insult, or I’ll chose to believe that, and you are one of the best at what you do, so I’ll let it slide.  Let’s just try not to make a habit of it, yeah?”

“Yeah. No. Of course it was an accident and I’ll try not to be so stupid in the future.”  He hesitated for a second and then added, “You really think I’m one of the best?”

“Oh yeah.  I mean, you’re no Chris—but man, you should have heard some of the things he was saying about me before I had him fired.” Laura laughed again before walking away, leaving Tommy to wonder whether or not she was joking.

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