Fiction: An Accident (384 words)

11 Nov

It wasn’t just hard to see, it was physically painful to see. Jon looked back at Liam for just a second, but he clearly had bigger issues on his mind that Liam’s mental state.  Beth’s shirt was rolled up to her mid back.  If he were any normal boy, he would be absolutely thrilled to see so much exposed skin on the girl he really liked and maybe even loved, but not here, and not now, and Liam was no normal man.  He knew that this poor girl wouldn’t be lying here unconscious, bleeding from three long gashes across her back without him.

“It’s not nearly as bad as it looks,” Jon commented softly.  “She’ll be right as rain in almost no time.  The scars will show forever, as you already know, but…” Jon trailed off, hands still working quickly over Beth’s back.  Here and there he would touch her softly, carefully pulling and pinching at certain parts of her back.

Liam heard the door behind him open, and he felt a small hand come in contact with his skin.  He looked down to see Maddy’s hand tightening around his wrist. ”Caleb wants to speak with you.  Right now.”  Liam let Maddy lead him by the wrist down the hall.  He wasn’t really paying attention.  All he could see was those dark red lines, almost pulsing against pale white skin.

Maddy sat Liam down in one of the chairs in the main room.  Caleb pulled one of the other chairs to face Liam directly. Caleb’s eyes were red.  Somewhere in the back of Liam’s mind it occurred to him that Caleb had been crying, but the main part of Liam’s mind refused to move away from the scratches he had caused across that poor innocent woman’s back. He let his gaze fall to the ground, the spot between Caleb’s feet.

“Liam. You have to focus on me here for a second, because we need to see if it worked. Okay?” He heard Caleb, but he couldn’t make it makes sense.

Maddy kneeled down in front of Liam, forcing herself into his line of vision.  “We’ve got to run the tests, Liam.  Or else it was all for nothing.  Can you focus?”

“Okay.”  Liam blinked and looked up to meet Caleb’s eyes.  “Okay, run the tests.”

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