Fiction: Family Pride (780 words)

09 Nov

Quinn and Casey liked to talk about their families.  That was one of the things that had brought them together so readily shortly after they first met.  Yes, they were ten at the time, but you’d imagine how difficult it was to find other ten year olds who liked to discuss how proud they were of their families.

Quinn’s discussions tended to be shorter.  She had her father, King Andreas, and her uncle, Prince Markson, and her little Niece, Princess Dara, and she could talk about them at length, but there was only so much to say.  Casey, on the other hands, was the third of six children, and the oldest boy, which for some reason never properly explained to Quinn, gave him a sense of pride about his whole family which was unrivaled by the rest of his siblings.

First there was Lille, his eldest sister, three years older than Casey. Following her was Ciara, a year and a half older than he was. Then Casey himself was next, and three years younger there was Morrigan. Two years after her were the twins, one boy and one girl, named Kean and Aileen respectively.

Although, in a weird way, Morrigan was both of theirs.  Casey said a silent prayer for Quinn every morning and the fact that she had been in that court when Morrigan had been dragged in.  Not that he thought that King Andreas would have put a seven-year old girl to death for doing absolutely nothing, but Quinn speaking up was brave, and something that most spoiled princesses wouldn’t bother to do.  And to make that sweet seven-year olds year by starting a fashion trend in her name, was something that Casey didn’t really understand as a guy, but he saw how excited it had made Morrigan over the next several months.  On top of that, Morrigan had spent about equal time of her life living with each of them since moving into the castle part-time to pursue her magic training.  And Morrigan had spent so much time with them both that she was chosen to be the magical binder at their wedding in the next few weeks. And Quinn liked to joke that is was for the best, because with a binder as strong as Morrigan, there would be no way for either of them to break the bond.

Tonight, like many nights, they were strolling around the castle hand in hand, and like many of those nights, the conversation turned towards Morrigan.  “Sometimes, I feel bad for her, you know.”  Quinn was saying.

“Bad for her? How so?”

“I mean, look at the way she had to grow up.  Look what she had to face.”

“You mean nine nights out of ten she was living in the lap of luxury, and then even on those tenth nights she went home to sleep in the house hold of the most valued and well-respected tailor in the kingdom?  Yes.  Such a hard upbringing.”

“That’s not what I meant, and you know it.”  Quinn replied quietly.

“I know, I know, I just—don’t like to think about the things that are said about or thought about her.  I mean, you know better than anyone else, she’s an angel of a child, or at least tries very hard to be.  And people just—“Casey shook his head like the action would shake off all the bad thoughts.

“What is it that people say she’s going to do? Reinvent the magic.  Create a whole new breed of Magic Casters.  Because the magic that has been used for thousands of thousands of years isn’t good enough.  And we all know how much Morrigan loves spending her free time when she’s not studying magic doing more magic.”  Sarcasm dripped from every word Quinn said. Casey had to laugh.

“You know, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find that Morrigan accidentally invented a magic.  Crawling through someplace she isn’t supposed to be, or playing with an object that she’s not supposed to touch, or just thinking the wrong thing at the wrong time and filling a room with smoke.  Doesn’t that sound like something that would happen to Morrigan?”

“You know—“Quinn stopped, and Casey turned to look at her, “It really does.  I mean, I’ve always known she was strong.  I mean, ridiculously so.  But—I never really thought that it might be her.  But…”

“She’ll do stupid things and blow up a room—thus fulfilling a prophecy.  Yeah. That could be her.”

Quinn took both of Casey’s hands in her, and the tipped herself forward to kiss him softly.  “I love you.”

“I love you too.  Let’s keep walking, huh?”

“Lead the way.”

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