Fiction: The Photograph (494 words)

03 Nov

Standing on the wraparound porch of a two-story wooden cabin are six people, in their late teens or early twenties.  They are separated into pairs.  In the center pair, a girl with long, stick straight blonde hair, standing about a head shorter than the man standing next to her.  She is wearing a red and green checkered button up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Her jeans are stained on the knees with grass and dirt. She has a dark but thin scar leading from her right pointer finger, up her arm and disappearing under her sleeve. The man standing to her left has dirty blond hair, that is just long enough to start to fold over, but is still cut very short.  He has a very pronounced line scar running down his left cheek, from nose to jaw.  He is wearing a long-sleeved knit sweater, and a pair of freshly pressed khaki pants.  He has a half circle bite scar on the outside of his right hand that is raised and paler than the rest of his skin.  Those two are Beth and Liam.

To their left is another couple.  The woman is only about an inch shorter than the man.  Her hair is bright red, pulled back tightly into a pony tail that explodes into curls at the base of her neck.  She is wearing a hoodie that seems to be a couple of sizes too big for her, and a pair of clean blue jeans.  The man stands next to her with his arm draped around her shoulders is a thicker looking man, not fat, but not muscular or buff.  He is wearing a light-colored tee-shirt and a pair of black jeans.  He is smiling widely with his eyes shut behind a pair of square framed glasses.  His messy brown hair is straight, and stuck up at weird angles on the side, like he just woke up and didn’t bother to even try to comb it down.  This couple is Lucy and Jon.

On Liam and Beth’s other side, there is a couple that seems to be more into each other than into the picture being taken. The woman is five or so inches shorter than the man.  She wears her hair in two short black braids that end just past the edge of her jaw.  She is freckled, and is wearing a low-ish cut black top and a pair of black dress pants.  Her arms are wrapped around the neck of a man with very curly hair that falls past his ears.  He is very muscular, wearing a tight blue tee-shirt, and a slightly wrinkled khaki pants. He rests one hand on the girl’s hip, and the other on the porch railing. This couple is Maddy and Caleb.

The photo was taken when they finally thought they’d gotten away—when they were sure they were safe.  It was taken three days before they learned they were wrong.

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