Fiction: What’s Wrong Now? (160 words)

22 Oct

They had a wedding—a big hoopla where she wore the poufy white dress and he wore the tux and her dad couldn’t stop crying, and his uncle threw a swing at someone while he was drunk and they found the best man I a closet with her brother and that night in bed they basically agreed the whole thing was a disaster.

But—that’s not where they got married.  Four weeks prior, they cashed in all of their frequent flier miles and headed off to Scotland.  They met with the friend of a friend of a friend—an ordained minister and got married overlooking a valley.  They didn’t tell anyone, not friends, not family, no one.  Just him, her, and the wind. I couldn’t have been more perfect.

So, who cared if a drunk sister set a flower arrangement on fire, and a cousin tried to grope every single one of the bridesmaids in spite of their marital status or sexual preference?

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