Fiction: A Sister’s Rage (491 words)

17 Oct

She slid out of the shadows, positioned perfectly to stop Christa in her tracks. “What do you want?”  Christa asked, taking a stance that projected ‘I will attack you if you come closer’ which Mara tried very hard not to laugh at.  It would take Mara less than a second to have Christa pinned to the ground, begging for mercy.  But she didn’t come here to hurt Christa. At least, not this time.

“Here’s the deal. You stay away from Andy from now on. You don’t approach him, you don’t talk to him, you don’t message him on Facebook, nothing, and I will leave you alone. If I hear that you have, if you’ve upset him any more than you already have, I will come back to find you, and I will make you regret every single second you spent with him. Do we have an understanding?”

Mara waited, watching Christa take in the dark blue dress and the heels. This was one of those moments that Mara wished she didn’t play up the underestimating thing so naturally.  Christa was underestimating her here, and she’d regret it.  “Andy’s a big boy,” Christa responded, “He can take care of himself.  He doesn’t need the help of his little sister.”

Mara swallowed the childish knee jerk reaction to say she was actually older than him, and just fixed Christa with a stern glance.  “Oh, don’t worry. I know that he can take care of himself. And I know that if he sees you again he will tell you to fuck off in no uncertain terms. But I also know that just that little contact will worm into his brain, and that he won’t be himself for a couple of days while he washes the stench of you out of his brain. And I’ll have to deal with him all that time. So even if he doesn’t want me to kick your ass for the damage you’ve done to him throughout the years, I’ll gladly do it for the emotional trauma that I’ve had to deal with in the years you’ve been in our lives.  So fuck you, fuck your groupies, fuck any entitlement you think you have, and go crawl back under a rock and leave the rest of us alone. Do we have an understanding?”

Christa scoffed, and brushed past Mara, hitting her shoulder a little harder than was necessary.  Mara let her go, she’d said all she had to say.  Hopefully, Christa would believe the threat, leave Andy alone, and Mara would never have to think about her again.  But–if she didn’t, if she thought that it was all empty threats and Christa went back to pester Andy…

Well, Mara did warn her.  She won’t be pulling any punches.  And there were a lot of seconds that Mara had promised to make her regret. She hoped not for Andy’s sake, but if so–Mara was going to have a lot of fun.

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