Fiction: Perfection (163 words)

11 Oct

I was born a Princess.  I was raised by a court who fawned over my over move, and told me how beautiful I was.  My brother, the crowned prince and heir, filled the role of carrying on the family line, reassuring everyone that my father’s legacy would live on.  That mean my job was reminding the world of that legacy was supposed to represent, peace, beauty and a care free nature. I was raised to be all those in spades, I rose to the challenge.

I never wanted for anything.  If I could dream it, I could have it without a doubt and with almost no hesitation. I’d like to hope that in spite of that all I wasn’t a spoiled brat.  I suppose I’ll never know though, I really don’t have much of a comparison. After all, I was born a princess.  My whole reason for being was to be perfect.

How disappointed would they be when they found out I wasn’t?

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