Fiction: Unfortunate Confirmation (445 words)

10 Oct

I really hope they don’t think that they are hiding it from anyone because I would bet you dollars to donuts I can tell you the exact moment my sister and my best friend decided that they were more than friends. Neither of them had ever been very good at keeping those kinds of secrets for long. Colin was probably a bit more subdued—but Mara’s heart was always on her sleeve.  It was easy to tell what she was thinking and why she was thinking it.

I was glad for them—I really was.  Only an idiot would think they weren’t good for each other, and I trusted them to know where to draw the line, to keep the romance and the work separate.  Even once or twice Ava had leaned over when she was sure they weren’t looking to whisper “Aren’t they just adorable?” in my ear. And Ava didn’t usually approve of anything of that nature.

So, I really hoped that they didn’t feel like they had to hide it from us—not that they really could have, but I didn’t want them to think we’d turn against them, or not be okay with it, or whatever.  Because, I truthfully couldn’t be happier.

But what I really didn’t need was to learn they were official the way I had.  I really hadn’t needed to see my sister being groped in the supply closet.  I could have lived my whole life without the mental image of Mara pressed up a wall, Colin’s hand up her skirt.  But, unfortunately, it was now permanently burned against my retinas.

“Andy—man, we’re sorry,” Colin insisted, catching up with me, down the hall.  I could only assume that he left Mara behind to (gag me) compose herself. I continued to walk away, not sure where I was going per se, just away. “We didn’t think it through.”

“Why? Why the storage cupboard?”  I could only pray that Colin was smart enough to not say something like “Dunno, man, your sister’s a freak” to me.

“We didn’t mean to—we just, ran into each other and one thing lead to another.  You know what it’s like when everything’s new.”  Colin shrugged and he did look like he felt guilty.  It almost made me want to forgive him—almost.

“Just—no more public places, okay? Just. Ack.”  I dug the heels of my hand into my eyes until I saw stars.

When I pulled my hands away, Colin gave me a mock salute.  “Sir, yes sir.”

“Now—please tell me you did not just abandon my sister half-dressed in a supply closet to chase after a friend.”

Colin’s eyes grew wide.  “Shit.”  And he took off back the way we came.

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