Fiction: A Little Bit Different (258 words)

06 Oct

“What aren’t you telling her, Aden?”

Aden hesitated, barely long enough to be noticeable, but it was there.  And if there was nothing else that Demi had mastered in her life, it was noticing her brother’s reactions. That wide, squinty eyed, grin didn’t fool her for one second.  “Demi—she’s my wife. Why would I hide anything from her?”

“Don’t—A, just don’t.  Something’s not right. I can see it. I’m sure that Brenna can see it too, she just doesn’t want to admit it. Or perhaps she making excuses for you because she’s just so glad to have you home. I don’t know. But you are hiding something. And I’m not going to just let it slide.”

She saw him recognize her, the set in her face and the way that she stood. They understood each other, that the truth was going to come out sooner or later, and there was an easy way or a more painful way to handle it. Aden sighed. “I always had a feeling you’d be the most similar, Dem.  You always knew who you were, and you didn’t really let the rest of us change you.  I mean, there are a few little things, and I’m sorry about those, but—still.”

“What does that mean? The most similar?”

Aden sighed again, less frustrated, more exhausted. “You’re not going to want to believe me. You didn’t when I told you at home either, but remember I’m not a story-teller, this isn’t something I could just make up.”

“I’m listening, Aden. Tell me what it is—.”

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