Fiction: Future (250 Words)

05 Oct

She knew she was going to outlive them.  The first time The Sight took grip in her brain and warned her of things to come it told her that she would out live her family.  She would outlive her parents and her sister.  She would fall in love with a man who was made for her, and she’d out live him too.  She was destined to have four children, and she’d even out live three of them.

She forgot this vision almost as soon as it came.  She was too young and her emotional capacities were too small to handle that kind of thing in its entirety, once the strength of The Sight let her go.  But it left a mark, as something that strong was bound to.

In a weird way, it made her fearless.  Some small part of her subconscious brain had remembered, had processed, that as long as she had someone to love and live for, she wasn’t going to die.  So as long as she loved, she could do whatever she wanted.

Hana always thought of herself as the invincible girl, even though she never quite knew why.  Until the day she was standing almost alone, surrounded by graves, and she understood that her life had been worth something while she lived it, but would leave very little behind.  And in her own strange way, she was just fine with that.  Not like she had much of choice in the matter, anyway. What was the point in hating fate?

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