Fiction: Plans for the Night (479 words)

04 Oct

Not too much had changed in the last few months.    In fact, this might have just been any Friday night since Bette moved to LA.  Bette and Finn sat side by side on the couch, laughing at some stupid movie, a bowl of candy in one lap and popcorn in the other, lights turned low to make the most movie theatre like atmosphere, just two friends enjoying an amusing night after a tough couple days at work.

Two things revealed their new statuses in each other’s lives. When they were just friends, Bette probably wouldn’t have let Finn rest his hand on her hip like that, tracing little lines on the skin that was exposed between her t-shirt and jeans, and the three stone ring that Bette wore on her left hand that had their initials engraved on the inside of the band.

The phone rang, and Finn checked the screen before answering.  “Hey, Carter,” he answered smoothly, struck with a sense of déjà vu about the whole thing.  They’d been watching this movie months ago when Carter called them, and the night ended with a proposal, and the week ended with an actual engagement. What would happen now? “What’s up?”

Finn watch Bette fumble with the remote to pause the movie, and look up at him with a smile to see what Carter wanted.  Unfortunately, when she smiled up at him like that, Finn completely forgot to actually listen to what Carter had to say.

“I’m sorry, man, I got distracted for a second there. Can you say that again?”  Finn tried not to laugh at the face Bette made when she realized she was the distraction.

“Ah, is Bette home?” Carter asked.

“Yeha, she’s right here.”

“Are you guys like—busy, busy?”

Finn laughed and rolled his eyes.  He could just imagine the disgusted look on Carter’s face.  “Carter, no.  I can assure you right now, If Bette and I are ever having sex when you call, I will not answer the phone.”

“Damn straight,”  Bette added, popping an M&M in her mouth.

“Fair enough.  Well since you aren’t getting lucky, do you guys want to come out with us?”

Finn slid the mouthpiece of the phone away from his mouth.  “Do we want to go out with Carter and the mysterious ‘us’?”

“Dancing or a show?” Bette asked.

Carter answered the question before Finn could ask it, and Finn dutifully repeated allowed, “Bands down at H2O. There will be food and booze and Liz is probably not coming.”

Bette thought it over for a second and then said, “Hey, why not? I’ll go put on some going out pants.”

Finn watched as Bette jumped off the couch and skipped backed towards their bedroom.  It took much longer than it should have for him to realize that Carter was still talking.  “Sorry, man, distracted, run that by me again.”

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