Fiction: Ixi Agency Part 35 (423 words)

26 Sep

Marcy paced quickly around the perimeter of gym three.  She was allowed to go the gym to stretch and do some gentle exercises, as long as she promised not to over exert herself.  And she had hoped to burn off some of her nervous energy, but thus far she had been entirely unsuccessful in that regard. She couldn’t even make herself sit still long enough to stretch. She just kept pacing.

She knew that at that very moment, Frankie, Hank, Natalie, Joey, everyone that she had come to consider a friend at the agency, were all off trying to rescue Willow, her friend much longer than that.  She knew that she wouldn’t have been able to help.  Even if she had reached some sort of reasonable training, even if she wasn’t recovering from a major blow to the head, even if she were a part of the agency, she knew there was no way in hell she would be allowed on that mission to rescue Willow.  It was simply not worth the risk of taking a top-tier user into the bad guy’s facility, no matter how well they had planned it.

So, she stayed at home. She paced the floors. She drove herself crazy little bit by little bit. She reminded herself that it was way too early to hear anything. She reminded herself that news at this point would most certainly have to be bad news.  She fretted about what was taking them so long.  She reminded herself that they were well-trained and they had done this before.   She wanted to rip out her hair with the frustration of not knowing what was going on.  She was positively certain that she was about to lose her mind, and she had no idea what to do with that, or where to go with that.

Finally, she just sank down on to one of the benches along the wall and started to cry from the stress of it all.  Really, who could blame her?

She lost track of time, sitting there with her face in her hands, alternating between crying and just sitting in silence.  But then finally someone came bursting into the room.  One of Hank’s trainees, who Marcy vaguely recognized, smiled at her.  “News from the front gate.  They’re coming in.  They’ve got her.  Agent Six is safe.”

Marcy jumped up and ran out of the room.  She headed straight to infirmary, where she was sure that Willow would be taken.  And she had no plans on leaving for a long time.

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