Fiction: Afterlife Thoughts (194 words)

23 Sep

Tay’s life was over.  It took him a moment to realize that—Life was complicated, and so was the transfer into the afterlife.  But—he figured it out fast enough.  And as soon as it clicked into place, it was amazing how quickly it became not about him anymore. After all, he was dead. What was the worst that could happen to him now?

Poor Bess. She’d been sitting in the café with him.  Was she alive? Was she okay? Was she getting the help she needed after the accident?

Oh, Dean.  His best friend since they could walk. He’d already lost his mother, his younger brother, and was losing his father.  Now his best friend was gone too?  That was an awful lot to bear with.  How was Dean supposed to deal with this blow?  It’d be too much for anyone.

And of course, Poor Shauna.   Now his widow. They had such plans.  He knew she’d be strong enough to move on—but he hated to have to leave her to figure out her future alone.

How could Tay be worried about his own death? He had too many of the living to keep track of.

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