Fiction: Ixi Agency Part 34 (342 words)

19 Sep

Everything was not going to plan.  Well, not the perfect plan, anyway. They had seamless transitioned through plans A to I, and would probably have to move into plan J soon. Joey was very aware of the fact that they had triggered several alerts, and that as they spoke, it was very likely that the marbles were being moved to a new location.  But Willow was still on campus, he could see that no real effort was being used to move her.  After all, there were other top-tier users.  There were no other Marbles.

So, since the primary objective of this mission was to actually get Willow home, Joey continued on.  Frankie would have to find the marbles for them again. But he wouldn’t have to start from scratch.  And, that would keep him locked away in his lab and out of Joey’s face for a while.   So, it wasn’t necessarily a win-win, but definitely had its fair share of silver lining.  Joey and Maria led the way, and finally, after what seemed to be the longest mission of his life, they finally burst into a room, and found Willow–bleeding pretty badly and most certainly not looking at full strength, but she was there, and she was alive, and as they came into the room, she smiled.

“Took you long enough.” She taunted. “You know they’re moving The Marbles, right? I’m here to be a decoy while they get them out of dodge.”

“You’re the primary objective, Six.  Seven has a way to find the marbles, and I’m sure he can do it again if we ask him to.   Come on. Let’s get you out of here.”

Natalie and Frankie came in soon behind Joey and Maria, and when she was free of her restraints, they supported Willow as they made their way back out of the agency. Joey couldn’t even care that Frankie was there.  She was with them again.  She had smiled.  All in all, she was going to be okay.  And what more did he need than that?

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