Fiction: Between Twins (167 Words)

18 Sep

“What did Grandmama want to tell you?”  Timothy had finally worked up the courage to ask Anna.  She’s just seemed so upset when she first came back, he was hesitant to push any buttons.  But, in the end, curiosity won out.

Anna got a look on her face like she’d just sucked a lemon, and Timothy immediately regretted asking.  He was very aware that Anna could easily kick his butt whenever she wanted to.  But then the sour look was gone and she smiled at her brother.  “Nothing.  Well, nothing that you need to be concerned with.  Just a little girl talk.”

“Okay.  Because—you’d tell me if it was important, right Anna? We share everything important.”

Anna gave him a bright smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes.  “Right, Timmy, of course. We share everything important.”

Timothy tried to smile back as naturally as he could.  It was the first time Anna ever lied to him, and they both knew that the whole world had just changed.

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