Fiction: Ixi Agency Part 33 (373 words)

12 Sep

Frankie was only half surprised when Joey showed up to invite him to the final meetings for the planning of Willow’s rescue, and to invite him to be a part of the away team.  He was cold, and he was more guarded than Frankie had ever seen, but he was there, and Frankie supposed that was good enough for him.  After all, this was about Willow, not whatever rivalry was forming between Joey and himself.

So Frankie went to the meetings.  The plans were pretty straight forward.  Using the information that Frankie and his team had been able to glean about the location of the marbles, Brian, Joey, and Natalie lead a short term and fast paced recon mission to gain information on the location.  After that, Joey formed an infiltration plan, and after consulting with Hank and Maria to make sure that he was up for it, he invited Frankie to come along.

And things went to plan.  They tend to go to plan with Joey in charge.  After all, Frankie could give credit where credit was due.  But, he was still extremely nervous, anxious for things to continue going well.

He knew this was what she was trained for. He knew that she could handle herself.  But even still he willed himself to move a little faster, to push a little harder, just to bring this thing to an end a little bit quicker.  Because, after all, that was Willow in there.  Sweet, beautiful, amazing Willow, who never missed an episode of How I Met Your Mother, and who is afraid of spiders, and sometimes acted like a hang nail was the end of the world.  Willow, who through her own actions, she had protected friend, sacrificed herself to prevent someone else’s torture.  Trained or not, shouldn’t her misery be ended as quickly as possible?

He watched the mission leader for his sign to start the next phase, and grew increasingly impatient as the sign didn’t come.  Willow may be the one who was being tortured, but it was probably worse for him then it was ever going to seem to her.

Finally, the signal came, and the team moved forward.  Every step was a step closer to getting Willow out.

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