Fiction: Maggie (190 words)

11 Sep

Everyone knew about Maggie. Everyone had always known about Maggie. She was a great resource for everyone.  They’d always gone to her.

But then again, no.  The more Geneva thought about it, she realized, they couldn’t have always known about Maggie.  She was young, wasn’t she? How long could Maggie have really been in the game?

“Jase?” Geneva called into the bathroom where her husband was taking a shower, “Jason, How long have we known Maggie?”

“What was that?”  Jason called back, Geneva stuck her head in the bathroom and saw him sticking his head out of the curtain, dripping water all over the floor.  That’s what she got for her impatient curiosity.

“I said: How long have we known Maggie?”

“Oh god. Forever, right? Except—well, she’s kinda young isn’t she?”  Jason furrowed his eyebrows, “How long have we known Maggie?”

“Yeah—“Geneva wiped steam off her glasses, “That’s what I was just thinking.”

Jason shrugged and dipped back behind the curtain.  “We’ll ask Daniel. He always knows these kinds of things.”

“Too true,” and Geneva tried not to focus on it.  Things like this always ended up a little bit complicated.

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