Fiction: Taxes (307 words)

08 Sep

“I’m sorry, were you busy?” Chris blinked up at Lizzy—half blind from his computer monitor. “Shall I just let you get back to it?” Lizzy teased.

“Oh dear god no. Please. Save me.  Give me any reason to do anything else.”  Chris fell out of his chair and scooted towards Lizzy on his knees.  “No more numbers, Elizabeth, please, don’t send me back to the numbers.”

“Taxes?” Lizzy asked as Chris took her hands and kissed the back of them.

“Yes. Why, why, why do I have to be an adult? Can I go back to being a child please?”

“That would make our lives a little complicated and our relationship problematic. C’mon, up.” She gave his arms a tug, and he pushed himself back up so that he was standing.  “I can do them for you if you want. I told you there were a lot of numbers involved.”

“No, no,” He slid his hands around Lizzy’s waist and pulled her in a little bit closer.  “I’ve got to learn to do these things for myself.  I am an adult, even if I try to deny it.”  He leaned down to drop a soft kiss on Lizzy’s lips.

“Okay then,” Lizzy murmured with a smile as he pulled away.

“That being said—I wouldn’t mind a break for a while.   You know—Rest my eyes from all the numbers.  Shut down the brain for a bit.  Do something purely physical. Come back to it later with a fresh mind.”

“Well, if you really think that will help,” Lizzy teased.

“Well—that, and maybe a nap. Some dinner.  A trip down to H&R block to hire an accountant.  Then I’ll get right back to it. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.”  Lizzy laughed as Chris scooped her up in his arms and carried her away from the mean, mean numbers.


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