Fiction: Stare-Off (183 words)

06 Sep

She was twenty four years old and she’d been having a series of staring contests with a thirty one year old man for the better part of three hours now.  She wasn’t even sure how it had started, but now that it had, she just couldn’t stop it.  Well, she could, but that would be admitting defeat, and that was not her style.

“Uh, guys?” Someone was standing to her left.  Dave?  It sounded like Dave.  “You know it’s 5:10, right? We can go home.”

“Yeah, yeah, in a minute.” She replied, waving a hand in his general direction.

“Go on home, Dave,” John grinned, not breaking eye contact, “I’ll make her give me a ride home as my victory prize.”

“Guess you’ll be walking home,” she smirked.

“Oh is that so?”  John leaned in a little bit closer across the desk.

“You’re children, you realize that? Children.” Dave told them.  When he didn’t get an answer from either, he left them there. He would not be surprised to show up the next morning to find them still sitting there staring at each other.

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Posted by on September 6, 2014 in Stories


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One response to “Fiction: Stare-Off (183 words)

  1. Olivia Berrier

    September 6, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    haha, it’s SO TRUE though! You always think those things are silly… until you’re in one…


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