Fiction: Personal Superhero (500 words)

01 Sep

“Clark, Clarkie, Clark, Clark.”  Marjorie giggled to herself, kicking her feet freely, now that her knees were bent over Clark’s arm and her arms wrapped around his neck.  It’d been slow going when she tired to walk, and he was stronger than he looked, so they’d come to the agreement that carrying was just easier for almost everyone involved.  Clark tried to get a better grip on her, since in her well past tipsy state, Marjorie didn’t seem to have much of a care for the fact that if Clark dropped her she was going to be pretty bruised.  “You’re a good friend, Clark, taking care of me when I’m drunk.  You didn’ even, I mean you never told me not once it was stupid to drink this much. I have fourteen people tell me I was stupid tonight, Clark. But not you.”

“Hey, you’re an adult, you’re spending your own money, and you called me so that you wouldn’t be driving home–what right do I have to tell you not to drink?” Clark replied, giving her a little bounce so that his arm rested a little higher under her legs. “I would, as your friend, advise you to think about what made you decide to go on a sudden solo bender, and remind you that as a friend I am always here to listen to you if you need to talk to me about anything, but I don’t have any right to call you stupid. Marjorie went still in his arms, and he looked up quickly, afraid she’d passed out, but found that she was just staring icily into space somewhere past him.

“I don’wanna to talk about it, Clark.  Not now. I was drinking to forget it for a little while.  I wanna forget it tonight.”

“Consider it forgotten, but remember I’m here when you have to remember again.” Clark was happy that she was smiling again, less thrilled that she was kicking her feet again.

He was just getting her settled in the back seat of his car (far away from the controls of his very expensive sounds because she could barely resist pushing every button when she was sober) when Marjorie put a hand up on his shoulder for his direct attention. “Clark, I have a very important question to ask you that I’ve always wanted answered but I can’t bring myself to ask it most of the time.”

For a second, he froze. “Uh, Mar–think about what you’re going to say–”

“Are you named for Superman?”

Relief came out of Clark in a laugh. “What gave it away? Was it big sister Diana and little brother Bruce? Or Dad’s DC’s Logo through the ages tattoo?”

Marjorie smiled like the happiest secrets of the world had just been revealed to her. “I knew it.  I’m gunna call you Kent from now on, okay?”

“If you can remember to call me Kent through the hangover tomorrow, I’ll allow it. Come on. Let’s get you home.”

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