Fiction: Childhood Sweethearts Perks (338 words)

31 Aug

He looked younger when he got tired.  He was trying to listen to her, she could see that, but he was blinking slowly and nodding his head even slower, and she remember that ten year old boy sitting at the desk opposite of hers, desperate to stay awake through math class when he gleefully told her that he’d ‘stayed up all night playing Pokémon by the light of a flashlight cradled between my shoulder and ear because I had to be the elite four but I did and it was awesome, woohoo go Christopher conqueror of all leagues’ as soon as they got to the bus stop and he was still giddy high on the sleeplessness.

But, they were adults now, and as fascinating as she found her weekend away for work–he wasn’t going to have a test in it on Friday.  “Go to bed, you idiot.”

Chris gave a little start, sitting up just a bit straighter and Lizzy could almost hear But Miss Andrews I didn’t have my hand up. “No, I’m listening. Kristen had done something, right?”

Lizzy laughed, pulling him up by his upper arm and pushing him in the direction of their bed room. “Yes, but Kristen has done a lot of things and will still have done them tomorrow. Sleep.”

“Okay,” Chris sighed in his shuffle towards the bedroom, “I’m sorry I’m so tired.  You weren’t here, so I stayed up late playing videogames and there was one part I just couldn’t beat and I was too stubborn to go to sleep before I beat it because that was too much like admitting defeat.”

“And did you win?” Lizzy asked, stopping at the bedroom door, because she knew if she went in there she’d end up sleeping her whole evening away too.

“Of course I did. Go Christopher, Space Marine Supreme,” he answered with a minimal effort victory fist in the air before crawling under the blankets and practically snoring before Lizzy could even turn off the lights.

“Some things never change.”

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